When the Sunshine Loses Its Color and Warmth

As befitting to my blog’s new title, this blog post is intended for all my dear friends and family:

My family has lost an essential part to the Tilden family nucleus. According to my brother and I, he well-earned the title of “The Fun Uncle.” David Tilden, at an all-too-soon age of 54 years, has gone to be with our Lord and Savior in Heaven.

He loved his immediate family and extended family more than the regular individual, because he never had a family to call his own. So he adopted all the Tildens and the Thorsons as his own.

His candor and morals made him an exceptional worker. So much so as to make an example of good work ethic to his nieces and nephews.

To tease and joke around with every passing individual made Uncle David the family’s best entertainment. For my brother and I found that we could never rival his quick wit. Yet Uncle David’s calculating and discerning mind also made him one of the smartest men I ever knew.

I could continue on for several pages about all the fond memories I have about the sweet and caring man who has passed from us. But all I will say is my Uncle David loved to laugh and to make others laugh. And we will all miss his wit, his thoughtful sharing of food and drink, and his helpful nature.

It’s been a decade since I’ve lost my last grandparent. But Uncle David didn’t even make it to the senior citizen stage of life. And all the time spent in Newport, OR with him and the family makes his passing very difficult for me and for all his family.

Though it embarrasses me to be labeled as a romantic, I admit to feeling an emptiness at my uncle’s passing. It is as though bright and sunny California has lost its color and warmth, because Uncle David meant that much to my family and me.

However, he is now in a better place, with Our Lord and Savior. And I pray to see him again. Please keep all of the Tilden and the Thorson family in your prayers, my dear friends, as we will pray for you when you lose your loved ones.